Aim: The Journal of English Educators Society (JEES) is dedicated to assisting English teachers both as educators and researchers. It provides a platform for the publication of original research articles, comprehensive reviews, and brief reports that highlight pivotal issues encountered in classroom instruction. Additionally, the journal encompasses articles that delve into non-teaching aspects of the English language, which are vital for broadening the global community's proficiency and understanding of English.

Scope: JEES invites scholarly contributions in various domains of contemporary research, including:

  1. Teaching and learning English as a first language (L1), second language (L2), and as a foreign language (EFL).
  2. Language planning and language assessment methodologies.
  3. Policies and curriculum development strategies in English language education.
  4. Multilingualism and approaches to multilingual education, emphasizing the integration of English.
  5. Discourse analysis in English, focusing on its structure, usage, and cultural implications.
  6. Translation studies, with an emphasis on the nuances and challenges of translating to and from English.
  7. Linguistics, including phonetics, syntax, and semantics of English.
  8. The role of literature in English Language Teaching (ELT), and its impact on language acquisition and cultural understanding.
  9. Teacher Professional Development in English education, focusing on strategies for enhancing teacher skills and knowledge in ELT contexts.

This comprehensive scope underlines JEES's commitment to advancing the field of English language education and research, catering to the dynamic needs of educators and learners in a global context.